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The Institute of Technology and Research - ITP - is a non-profit entity, created in 1998 by the Tiradentes Group, in response to demands for a facility equipped for development of Science, Technology and Innovation in Sergipe, thus contributing to the growth of Northeast Region of Brazil. This response resulted froma process of regional developmentand the arrival of highly productive researchers, in particular, by the founding of the Tiradentes Educational Society (SET). Throughout its two decades of existence, the ITP has been working in several academic fields through the development of research and innovation. During this time, the Institute approved more than 500 projects with various institutions to foster research and innovation in Brazil.


The consistent quality of the research team, together with the strengthening of partnerships with companies, other research institutions, and national and international exchange students, has enabled the ITP to form partnerships with several public and private institutions, Higher Education Institutions (IES), strategic research networks, national and international scientific and technological institutions and, above all, companies.


Currently, among the main national partners of the Institute of Technology and Research are: FINEP, Petrobras; Braskem; CNPq, Embrapa; Hebron Pharmaceuticals; Sebrae; IBAMA; Emdagro; Deso; FAPITEC / SE, COPPE / UFRJ; DEQ / UFSC; LCPP / ESCPE, UFMG; UFSM; UFSCAR; UFAL; UFBA, Banco do Nordeste and CAPES. Due to its constant growth, the Institute is increasingly investing in internationalization through partnerships with renowned research centers and universities, providing scientific activities and mobilizing ITP researchers and technicians.


This growth is recognized by the number of established partnerships with foreign research institutions. Among the international partnerships are: Harvard, MIT, and Wayne State University in the United States; Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Agronômico and the University of Aveiro, in Portugal; the Complutense University of Madrid; Barcelona and Alicante, Spain; University of Lyon, France; Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic; Autonomous University of Mexico; Technical University of Vienna, Austria; University of Chile, in Chile; Universidad NacionalAgraria La Molina, in Peru; Hort Fr. Schroder, Germany; University of Southampton, England; and National Chemical Laboratory, India, among others.


Over the last ten years, more than R$ 70 million has been raised to consolidate our actions, both through projects and through the provision of specialized analytical services. These funds were fully invested in equipment and supplies for research development and also in the training of human resources through support for scientific and technological activities. The ITP offers access to scientific research and innovation to about 360 students per semester. As a result of its growth, ITP opened another facility in the city of Maceió, AL in 2016. This growth is in line with new institutional strategic planning, which allocates for the opening of other branches throughout the Northeast region.



Comprised of 19 research laboratories (in Sergipe and Alagoas) and three exclusive branches for provisional services, the Institute of Technology and Research has 55 well-rounded researchers- 34% of whom are CNPq fellows. Developing Science and Technology in line with the societal demands, the ITP operates in the areas of Energy, Environment, Biotechnology, Engineering, Education, Law, Health, and Social Technologies.


The work that the ITP has been developing in the scientific area has received national and international recognition, which led to an invitation to create the Environmental Monitoring Network of the Brazilian System of Technology (SIBRATEC), a FINEP program focused on specialized technical services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which includes 11 institutions in Brazil, an investment of around R$ 4.5 million. The ITP also integrates the North-Northeast Catalysis networks; of Heavy Oils; Characterization and Separation of Dispersions; the Northeast Network of Biotechnology (Renorbio); Nanobiotec and the Sanitation and Water Supply Network (Resag), among others.


Another sign of deserved recognition for the excellence of the Institute of Technology and Research is the agreement signed with the Portuguese group GALP Energia, holder of Petrogal, Gás Portugal, and Petrogal Brasil. The agreement’s main objective is to optimize the production of oil in carbonate reservoirs that carry fluids with a high percentage of carbon dioxide. In current company relations, the Institute approved 22 projects with Petrobras, of which, 14 have already been finalized and eight are still underway. Other important partnerships were established with Banco do Nordeste, which resulted in the approval of eight agreements, and a relationship with SUAPE / ANEEL, which led to a significant agreement and two that are in the hiring process.


The excellent technological infrastructure of the laboratories provides equipment found nowhere else in the Northeast, such as GCxGC-MS (Quatro Polos Massa) chromatography equipment, installed in the Laboratory of Material Synthesis and Chromatography (LSINCROM), which is enabling the creation of the first Specialized Unit in Chromatography in the Northeast region. The ITP’s quest for excellence led ITP to the creation of the Quality Policy, which resulted in the certification, together with INMETRO, of the Environmental Studies Laboratory (LEA), providing a closed environment for rendering services that follow ISO / IEC 17,025: 2005 - General Requirements for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, guaranteeing the quality of the laboratory tests performed. In this context, analytical methodologies adopted by the ITP are standardized and internationally recognized by standards such as the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, EPA, ASTM, FDA, and NIOSH.


SERVICES As a result of institutional growth, the ITP was able to expand its areas of ??expertise and began providing technological services in areas that were initially only academic-scientific. In 2016, with the restructuring of the Nucleus of Projects, the ITP started to make the following technical studies and advisory services available to the general public:


• Projects in Basic Sanitation;

• Sustainable Agribusiness Support;

• Environmental Studies and Monitoring;

• Food Analysis and Development;

• Water and Soil Analysis;

• Analysis of Petroleum and Constituents.

• Microbiological Analysis;

• Spatial Evaluation Studies;

• Analysis of Gases and Atmospheric Constituents;

• Energy Efficiency Study.


In accordance with the execution of a myriad of projects, and in order to understand the importance of safeguarding the Intellectual Property generated from them, the ITP created, in 2011, the Agency for the Management of Innovation and Technology - AGITEC - to manage all intellectual property developed by researchers of the Institute, and subsidize them in processes related to intellectual property generated from research activities that may be solutions to problems encountered in society, in addition to collaborating with the transfer of technology to the industrial environment.


It is important to highlight that, in the area of Intellectual Property, the ITP has licensed one of the 82 patents for the company HEBRON Pharmaceuticals, whose product, ZICLAGLE®, was launched on February 2, 2017. The Institute differs from most of the country''''''''''''''''s teaching and research institutions because it has lived experience of how to overcome challenges that keep most institutions stagnant, and without the effective commercialization of a product resulting from endogenous scientific production. Another landmark in the same area was the WIPO Gold Medal awarded annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an agency that specializes in promoting the protection of intellectual property throughout the world.


Our portfolio currently has 82 patents deposited with the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) and via PCT. We are co-holders in four patents, in addition to software registrations and trademark protection. Three other patents are being negotiated for technology licensing.