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The ITP is rooted in its commitment to conduct quality research and technical services. The institute’s Quality Control Policy has the following objectives:


- Ensure employees’ commitment to positive professional practices and quality testing;   


- Ensure that all tests are performed according to official, standardized, certified methods that meet customer requirements;  


- Meet requirements from ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and requirements established by the CGCRE, thereby guaranteeing the quality of laboratory services provided;


- Provide employees with training for the proper usage of quality control documentation and effective implementation of policies and procedures established by the Management System;


- Continuously seek to improve the quality of research, services, and processes, through teamwork and consistent professional development;


- Utilize the Management System as a dynamic, evolutionary process with consistent feedback; 


- Encourage employee contributions through the recognition of good performance and dedication;


- Meet the current legal and regulatory requirements in Brazil regarding health and safety at work, in order to minimize risk related to all workplace activities;


- Seek to minimize environmental impacts resulting from the Institute’s activities through the rational use of natural resources, treatment, and proper disposal of laboratory waste; 


- Stay up to date with regional needs, always seeking to develop research projects and provide analytical services in order to improve community life. 



In order to ensure a high level of excellence in the technological services provided and customer satisfaction, the ITP constantly seeks to improve its procedures, which is why it seeks accreditation for the laboratories that provide these services.

The accreditation is carried out by the General Accreditation Coordination (CGCRE), belonging to the National Institute of Metrology, Quality, and Technology (INMETRO), which manages the Brazilian Certification System (SBC).

Upon being accredited, a laboratory is thereby recognized for its ability to perform activities, which demonstrate that scope of its testing meets standardized requirements. In addition, the laboratory must prove to have a qualified team and an implemented quality management system. This conveys confidence to customers and the national regulatory authority, providing traceability to ensure appropriate measurement standards.

The ITP has, through the LEA, accreditation by the CGCRE in ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 for sampling and physicochemical testing in several matrices.