Sergipe Memorial has more than 30 thousand pieces that tell the history of the state


by Quesia
From November 17th, visitors will be able to enjoy the museum space that brings together the history, art and culture of Sergipe

The Sergipe Memorial is about to experience a historic moment in its trajectory. After a period of renovation and revitalization, the memorial's team of employees is working on courses and training to offer visitors a unique and enriching experience when the museum space reopens on November 17th.

Conceived by professor Jouberto Uchôa de Mendonça on January 20, 1998, and later inaugurated on March 17 of the same, the Memorial completes 25 years of its opening to the public in 2023. Since then, its presence in the cultural calendar has been consolidated and is now located on the coast of Sergipe, being a fundamental reference point for the preservation and dissemination of the state's rich history, culture and identity.

The space, which was already a cultural treasure, brings together works that are the result of donations, research and the personal collection of Professor Uchôa and great personalities, has undergone a revitalization aimed at providing an even more engaging and educational experience for visitors, which is what explains the director of the Sergipe Memorial, Sayonara Viana.

“We are committed to providing an enriching and meaningful experience for our visitors. Through training courses and planning meetings, our team is acquiring valuable knowledge covering areas such as the history of Sergipe, preservation of cultural heritage, museology, exhibition curation and cultural mediation techniques that will be fundamental in making the Sergipe Memorial a cultural destination even more relevant and attractive”, he highlights.

The iconography has several private collections from illustrious people from Sergipe, who recorded the urban development of the capital and the interior, such as the paintings on porcelain plates and tiles by Rosa Faria, an art considered unique in the world. The Memorial also houses collections from Constâncio Vieira, Lourival Baptista, Joaquim Sabino Ribeiro Chaves, Francisco Rollemberg Leite, Tobias Barreto, among other personalities.

To ensure that the museum space is a success and that the public can explore all the new attractions and exhibitions to their fullest advantage, the Memorial's team of employees has dedicated themselves to improving their skills and knowledge.

“Employees have actively participated in the training, demonstrating great enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that the reopening is a memorable event. They are also involved in preparing new exhibits and creating innovative educational programs that will enrich the experience of visitors of all ages. Furthermore, the team is working in collaboration with historians, local artists and other experts to enrich the content and narrative of the Sergipe Memorial”, highlights Sayonara.

According to historian Wanderlei Menezes, the partnership between experienced professionals and the memorial team promises to result in exhibitions and activities that authentically reflect the state's history and culture. He highlights that classes and training are fundamental tools because the quality of the monitors' performance says a lot about the institution.

“The entire team must be sensitive to know the approach for each audience, how to convey clear, objective and safe information. And to do this, you need to study a lot and be aware that it will still be little. We encourage them to be creative, synthetic and humble, we believe that these are important qualities for serving the public”, he declares.

Archaeologist Dr. João Mouzart highlights that archeology played a large role in the construction of what will be presented at the Memorial. “As it is a scientific field that studies the cultures and ways of life of different human societies, both past and present, based on the analysis of material culture that resists time, archeology played its role in the structural organization of the Memorial and also in the preservation of history”, he highlights.

During the time it was deactivated, the Memorial's works were preserved until it moved to the new headquarters. “The space will change the conception of the Memorial, which will have a slightly more different objective, but we cannot forget the themes that have always been part of the collection, such as religiosity, World War II, media, popular culture, exploring everything from marine fossils to telephone devices from the beginning of the 20th century, through the formation of Sergipe, popular culture, cangaço, among others. The institution’s objective is to preserve and disseminate sociocultural elements, as well as serve the civil and scientific communities in research, education and culture”, he points out.

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