Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering

About LEB

The Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering develops projects in the area of enzymatic technology: biocatalysis, new technologies and methodologies for immobilization of enzymes, biotechnological treatment of effluents.


Phone number: +55 79 3218 2190 Telephone extension 2632




Gabrielle Souza da Silva - Doctorate Student
Lucas Costa Lopes - Doctorate Student
Micael Nunes Melo - Doctorate Student
Milson dos Santos Barbosa - Doctorate Student
Rachel Freire Boaventura - Doctorate Student
Sílvia Regina Soares Marquez - Doctorate Student
Glaucia Nicolau dos Santos - Master Student
Ianny Andrade - Master Student
Jéssica Jéssi Carvalho de Melo - Master Student
Kennedy Costa da Conceição - Master Student
Tamara Stella Mendonça Azevedo - Master Student
Thiara Santana Gomes - Master Student